What Do I Need In My Tackle Box?

tackle box checklist

Lake Gaston is home to some great fishing in North Carolina. In order to have a successful day on the lake, you need to be prepared. Having the right fishing gear can make or break landing a huge catch. The worst thing that can happen is reaching into your tackle box only to find that you are missing a crucial piece of fishing gear. To prevent this, make sure your tackle box is properly stocked with Eaton Ferry Marina’s tackle box checklist.

The Complete Tackle Box Checklist

Extra Fishing Line & Hooks

One of the most important things to have in your tackle box is extra hooks and fishing line. Everyone has experienced broken lines, whether from a huge fish or getting snagged on a tree. Running out of hooks or line will end your day on the lake. Make sure to use the proper line strength.

Weights and Sinkers

Weights and sinkers allow your bait to sink down to the proper depth. When fishing lines break, your weight or sinker gets lost too. Luckily, they are small and inexpensive. Keep a good amount of these handy.

artificial fishing lures

Artificial Lures and Bait

Keeping artificial lures and bait in your tackle box is a great idea. This allows you to try different options to see what the fish are biting. If you run out of live bait, having artificial lures allows you to keep fishing. Some good options are plastic worms, spinnerbaits, spoons, and plugs.


Bobbers allow you to see when a fish hits your bait. Keep bobbers in your tackle box if you want to relax a bit more while fishing. Just keep an eye out for any hits on your line!

Needle Nose Pliers or Multi-Tool

Needle nose pliers or a similar multi-tool is essential. They make cutting lines. Needle nose pliers will also help remove hooks that have been swallowed by fish. These items are usually durable and can last for years. Multi-tools have the advantage of including tools such as knives, bottle openers, and screwdrivers. Pick out a good multi-tool for your tackle box.

Fishing License

Make sure to always keep a copy of your fishing license with you. This can prevent a costly ticket or fine from law enforcement officials. Learn more about North Carolina’s fishing requirements.

Ruler or Measurement Tool

If you plan to keep any fish, you need to have a measurement tool. This allows you to follow inland fishing regulations on the minimum and maximum fish sizes.

Hand Towel

A small hand towel in your tackle box can be helpful. Hand towels are versatile and can be used for a lot of purposes. They can be used for handling fish or even cleaning off your hands after baiting a hook.

First-Aid Items

Keeping standard first-aid items is always a good idea, especially when working with sharp hooks. Make sure to have some bandaids, ointment, and gauzeAlso, make sure to have sunscreen and bug spray.

Keep your tackle box stocked with these essentials for the best day of fishing. If you are going out for a day of fishing on Lake Gaston, be sure to stop by Eaton Ferry Marina. We are a full-service marina with a bar and restaurant on site. Contact us today to learn more about our marina services!